Indigency Survey for Judges

Section 18A.3 of S.L. 2017-57 (the state budget) instructed the NCAOC to work with the Office of IDS to study and develop specific standards for determining indigency.  As a part of this process, we would like to hear from our state’s judges.  The NCAOC Research, Policy, & Planning Division worked with the Office of IDS to develop a short survey.  This survey is one tool to collect information from judges, and we also anticipate inviting a sample of survey respondents to participate in a focus group to gather additional details.  We hope that you can complete this brief electronic survey by September 1, 2017.


Please list your name and email if you would be willing to participate in a focus group. Dates for focus groups aren’t yet set, but we do anticipate offering remote participation options to accommodate schedules and distance.